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Mis à jour : 21 avr. 2020

During this period of uncertainty and generalized anxiety, I’ve plunged back into a book that I read a few years ago: How to stop worrying and start living, by Dale Carnegie.

Although the title may resemble those of dull personal development books, this best-seller offers practical advice to free yourself from torments and irritations which (too) often keep our mind occupied.

I was happy to find in this book some yogic principles, including the necessity to focus on the present moment and to let go of the past and future. The author recommends that we live one day at a time - as it would be vain to dwell on what cannot be changed or worry about what might not even happen.

The book also offers some pragmatic solutions to respond to life’s worries. If you are upset about a situation, take a moment to analyse it objectively and allow yourself to imagine the worst that could happen. Is it that bad? In any case, reassure yourself as the worst is unlikely to happen. For example, statistically speaking your chances of you crashing in a plane are extremely low - 1 in 12 million as there is on average one accident for every 12 million flights, that is a 0,00001% risk that it will happen to you.

The second step is to accept that the worst might indeed happen, even if it is unlikely. You need to accept that certain things are beyond your control and that the best way to deal with it is to welcome it with calm and resilience. Fighting the inevitable would only bring more tensions and unhappiness.

Lastly, the third step is to consider all the solutions that could solve the situation, pick one and dedicate all your energy to it, letting go of the outcome as it is beyond our control anyway.

Many other tips are also offered in this book which I strongly recommend you to read. You’ll realize that you are familiar with most principles, but we sometimes need a reminder to implement them as it easy to be consumed by tensions and worries.

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